The mission of Tomorrow’s HealthCare™ is to provide on-demand and relevant information, learning, application, coaching and networking tools that improve healthcare systems and quality of care; advance workforce development and retention; and enhance the capacity of institutions and professionals for process improvement implementation, measurement and maintenance.

Tomorrow’s HealthCare™ is a web-based learning network dedicated to healthcare quality and safety and continuing education. Tomorrow’s HealthCare™ is a continually evolving, premier repository of healthcare’s best practices in work redesign and process improvement. Built with input from online communities of learners and change agents, Tomorrow’s HealthCare™ enables you to share demonstration results, case studies and relevant data. Tomorrow’s HealthCare™ is simultaneously a Management tool, a Quality Improvement tool, a Continuing Education tool and a Professional Social Networking tool.

Through Tomorrow’s Healthcare™, users access on-demand information, learning, applications, coaching and networking tools to improve healthcare systems and quality of care. Tomorrow’s HealthCare™ leading the charge for a patient-centered healthcare system that is grounded in collaboration, transparency, process redesign and accountability. Through Tomorrow’s HealthCare™, web-based learners jump start their learning. Instead of starting at square one to conceptualize a process improvement project, you access a library of knowledge and quality improvement activities proven to be affective in your field of interest. Tomorrow’s HealthCare™ has built-in support systems and tool kits to further advance your learning and improvement project. You start with the very best in quality improvement projects and have access to online experts, comparative data and community members from around the world. With every improvement tracked using Tomorrow’s HealthCare™, another brick is then added to the wall of process improvement knowledge.

Tomorrow's HealthCare™ will:

  • Present Perfecting Patient Care℠ curriculum to help your institution transform into a Lean healthcare leader
  • Provide standardized process improvement modules with demonstrations, step-by-step applications of known improvement methods and tools to implement transformations
  • Convert lessons-learned from research and demonstrations into curricula and applications
  • Enable peer-to-peer networks and actively engage site participants as content providers
  • Present a library of information to build a wall of knowledge

Tomorrow's HealthCare™ is a product of the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation. The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) is an independent catalyst for improving healthcare safety and quality in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It operates on the premise that dramatic quality improvement is the best cost-containment strategy for health care. PRHI is the first regional consortium of medical, business and civic leaders to address health care safety and quality improvement as a social and business imperative. Turning its own community into a demonstration lab, PRHI strives to accelerate improvement and set the pace for the nation. Its experiment reflects three principles:

  • Healthcare is local. Federal policy changes alone cannot achieve needed reform.
  • Those who work at the point of care develop quality and safety improvements that work and last.
  • Continuous improvement in quality and safety requires the highest possible standard, namely perfection. To settle for less limits achievement.

For more information please visit www.prhi.org.

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) is a nonprofit, public charity established in 1990 with proceeds from the sale of Montefiore Hospital. The Foundation’s mission is to support and foster the provision of healthcare services, healthcare education and medical and scientific research, and to respond to the medical, custodial and other health-related needs of elderly, underprivileged and underserved populations in the Jewish community and throughout Western Pennsylvania. JHF is a unique institution with a highly trained staff and two supporting organizations whose activities directly advance its mission. It has become a leading national voice in safety, quality and workforce issues. For more information please visit www.jhf.org.